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Kitchen in the Canyon Cooking Classes are designed to be “hands-on” with an emphasis on participation, learning and fun. All students are involved in the preparation and cooking of every dish. Once the meals are finished and plated, everyone enjoys their efforts by joining in a group meal at the community table. Classes generally last around three hours (including eating), and students are required to wear closed toe shoes for their own safety.

Class Format Overviews

Small Group Classes (i.e., “Date Night”)

  • Traditional small group class
  • Typically, one chef and ten students
  • Hands-on
  • Learn, cook, and eat
  • The school sets the calendar and themes, students sign-up for a class and date that suits them.

Technique Classes

  • Three-part series
  • Skills-focused rather than menu-focused
  • Hands-on
  • Learn, cook, and eat
  • The school sets the calendar and skills, students sign-up for the series and dates that suit them.

Private and Corporate Events

  • Group-booked event (whole class is one group)
  • Hands-on (but may be less so given typically shorter duration of corporate events)
  • The group picks the date, time, and theme.

Terms & Conditions

We recognize that on occasions a customer will book classes and subsequently find that they are unable to attend. In these situations we ask that the customer notify us of their need to cancel at least three working days prior to the class. If less than three days notice is given or the party fails to show up, a charge of 40% of the cost of the class will be incurred. 

Similarly, in the unlikely event that we find it necessary to cancel an event, we are committed to taking positive steps to alert you to the cancellation as soon as possible, and where applicable a full refund will be issued. Tickets for a cooking class may be exchanged for spaces in another class, provided that there are places available. This exchange must take place at least two weeks prior to the date of the original class booking, and can only be exchanged once.